The positive side of any illness is that it gives you a little time to prepare for the inevitable. It can partially mediate grief. The suffering associated with this grief, can, in turn give meaning to death. But there is nothing that can prepare a person for the feeling of emptiness created when a loved one passes on…”

When my father was diagnosed with generalized cancer and there was no more hope, it was terrible news for the whole family. He was always a source of unconditional support for me and gave me confidence again in times of doubt

After his death, I felt the need to cherish the memories he left and to honour his memory.

As I spent time at his graveside, I wanted to rediscover a little of his benevolent presence and share these emotions with all the people who would come to visit him out of love or friendship.

The foundations of “for your memories” were thus laid…

Mathias Gerst

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