for your memories is a virtual and unique memorial


Collect meaningful texts, emotional songs and photos of your loved ones and make them accessible to visitors, but only in the immediate vicinity of the tomb, memorial or pilgrimage site you have chosen.

In this way, the very experience of graveside recollection (for example) is renewed and becomes a moment of sharing powerful and curated memories. Emotion in service to memory. Memory in service to emotion.

Physical proximity

A small transmitter (discreet and perfectly resistant to weather conditions) is attached to the resting site (tomb, columbarium,  or memorial…) granting access to the loved one’s private virtual guest book on the mobile application only to people who make the effort to visit it.

Mobile application

Once connected to this mobile application, on site, you can access the content that will have been made available to you: a photo album, a moving poem, a love letter or farewell letter, a favourite song or even the voice of the deceased… Moreover, visitors can also contribute comments or documents while visiting. Once approved on the platform, these new contributions will be integrated into the virtual guestbook available on the application.


Our platform

From a computer or tablet, you can upload the elements you want to publish to a secure content management platform and modify them at your leisure if necessary: to celebrate a birthday, for November 1st, or whenever you’d like to add new sound, text and image content.

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